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Leak Detection Systems Overview
Operating Principles of Leak Detection Systems
Container Design
Liquid / Gas Medium
   ASF Leak Detector Type D26 - Pressure Principle

   General Design Permit (DIBT) No. Z-65.26-249 (Tested by TÜV Nord, Hamburg)
   Available as 2/4 bar Version (pressureless pipeline) and 8/10 bar Version

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  • The leak detector is used for monitoring of underground and aboveground double-walled pipelines.
  • For monitoring of water-polluting liquids and flammable liquids with a flash point < 55°C.
  • The max. allowable operating pressure is 17 bar.
  • The alarm switching value must be min. 2 bar above the operating pressure of the inner tube.
  • Also other monitoring pressures than the specified default values can be set (for details please see the technical description).
  • The leak detector can be connected to multiple pipelines by using an appropriate manifold.

The leak detector must be mounted outside the hazardous area (ex-zone)!

  • The leak detector works according to the pressure principle.
  • The interstitial space is filled with inert gas - nitrogen (N2). When connected to a (stationary) inert gas supply, the required monitoring pressure is balanced on demand via the built-in solenoid valve and timer.
  • The monitoring pressure must be set at a minimum of 4 bar when using depressurized pipelines.
  • With built-in potential-free relay.
  • The leak detector is pressure-proof up to max. 25 bar.

Standard Switching Values:
At working pressure Po of:


0 bar

6 bar

17 bar


4 bar

10 bar

21 bar

Alarm ON PAE

2 bar

  8 bar

19 bar

For further data please see the data sheet of the D26 leak detector.

Operating Conditions
  • The interstitial space of the double-walled piping must be suitable for connecting the leak detector.
  • The double-walled pipeline must have the General Building Inspection Certificate (formerly Prüfzeugnis) or an admission of an other certified office.


Mounting kits (MBS) and manifolds.

Mounting Examples

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Product Images

Leak Detector Type D26 - Pressure

Installation and Operation Manual D26Installation and Operation Manual D26
Data Sheet D26Data Sheet D26
General Design Permit (DIBT) D26General Design Permit (DIBT) D26
D25 AccessoriesD26 Accessories & Assembly Kits


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