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Leak Detection Systems Overview
Operating Principles of Leak Detection Systems
Container Design
Liquid / Gas Medium
Flammable Liquids With Flash Point Above 55C
Flammable Liquids With Flash Point Below 55C
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Selection of appropriate leak detectors based on the stored/transported liquid.

The following features of the stored liquid have to be observed for the selection of a suitable leak detector:
  • Classification in water hazard classes (in Germany WGK I, WGK II and WGK III).
  • Flash point of the liquid, if the flashpoint is < 55C, the temperature class and the explosion group have to be considered, too.
  • Density of the stored liquid, since these determine the selection of container as well as the required alarm set point of the leak detector.

Consider following notes for the selection of a vacuum leak detector:

  • The viscosity of the stored liquid may not exceed 5,000 mm/s, otherwise the function of the vacuum leak detector can not be guaranteed.
  • The leak detector and the connecting pipes/tubes have to be resistant against the stored/transported liquid.
  • The suitability of vacuum leak detectors to the storage/transported liquid can be checked within the approved list of substances of the respective leak detector. If for special applications there is no leak detector listed for the stored/transported liquid, so please contact the manufacturer for further information. In some cases, a leak detector in stainless steel version (material 1.45.71) has to be applied with the resistance to the DIN6601, table 2.

Consider following notes for the selection of a pressure leak detector:

  • In case of a leak inside the container/tank or pipe, the possible reaction behavior of the monitoring medium (ambient air) have to be observed. If necessary, a leak detector with the monitoring medium nitrogen is used.
  • For flammable liquids with flash point < 55C, all required safety and explosion guidelines have to be observed.

Overview of storage media

For further product information please click on the color-coded field in the line of the desired storage medium.
Legend storage media: * = With material groups each single medium has to be checked
Legend leak detector: Suitable Full-color = primary, hatched = Also suitable
Legend of the "Remarks" column: GL = saturated solution, TR = technically pure, S = sulfur free, H = operational requirements.




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