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Spare Parts


Spare Parts For ASF Leak Detection Systems

  Spare parts for our leak detection systems are delivered
exclusively to specialized companies and their wholesale
partners. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver directly to the
end user.

Contact data of an authorized dealer next to you can be found
in industry listings, such as the Yellow Pages, in the category "Tank Protection" or alike. We would be happy to assist you locating an authorized company next to you. - Please do not hesitate to contact us.

In any case please take account of the following information:

  • The German Wasserhaushaltsgesetz (WHG) and the
    related federal regulations (Bundesverordnung) dictate
    that installation, activation and repair of leak detection
    systems may only be performed by an authorized and
    spezialized company, which has proove of the necessary
    knowledge and experience.
  • Additionally this company must have sufficient knowledge and experience in the field of fire- and explosion control and protection.
  • Every operator of a leak detection system is responsible for the safe system operation. Inappropriate maintenance or repair can lead to further or total demage of the system.
  • For maximum stability and functionality of your leak detection system please make sure, that all installation, repair as well as the annual maintenance work ist performed by an authorized and experienced company.
  • These authorized companies have access to our hugh variety of original spare parts for our systems through their wholesale partners.


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