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Leak Detection Systems Overview
Operating Principles of Leak Detection Systems
Container Design
Liquid / Gas Medium
   ASF Pressure Tester Type VDM 300 R

   Digital pressure gauge with a measuring range -1000 to 2000 mbar relative
   Article No.: 4200 7014

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  • For testing of switching values of leak detection equipment or other pressure/vacuum devices.
  • The measured values can be displayed in: bar , mbar , kPa , mmHg , psi
  • To measure the switching values of the leak detector a suitable hose must be plugged on the corresponding input (+ = positive pressure, or - = negative pressure), depending on the pressure/vacuum ratio. The other end of the hose is plugged onto the measuring port of the leak detector.
  • Display: 2 four-digit LCD displays
  • Power-Off-Function: The unit turns off automatically after a set delay time.
  • Controls: Membrane keyboard
  • Interface: Can be connected to a PC with an optional interface converter (accessory)
The VDM 300 R must not be used in hazardous areas!

Technical Data
  Operating Conditions

  • The VDM 300 R is not suitable for leak detection systems with an operating pressure of more than 2 bar.
  • The leak detectors or pressure devices must feature the appropriate connections.
  • The user's manual of the VDM 300 R must be observed.
  • The tester is supplied in a carrying case. Content is the VDM 300 R, about 30 cm sampling line, battery, and lanyard for the tester.
  • The leak test scoreboard and functional checks listed in the technical descriptions are to be observed.

Mounting examples

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ASF Pressure Tester Type VDM 300 R

Digital pressure gauge with a measuring range -1000 to 2000 mbar relative.

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Range:-1000 bis 2000 mbar relative
Overload:max. 4000 mbar rel.
Resolution:1 mbar
Accuracy:+/- 0.2% FS (linearity and hysteresis)
+/- 0,2% FS (temperature-influence of 0-50°
Sensor:Piezoresistive relative pressure sensor
Connection: 2-pin metal connector, nickel plated brass for connecting a pressure hose Ø 6x1mm (4 mm inside)
Power supply:9V battery or optional power supply available as accessory
Housing:IP 65
Ambient temp.:0 to 50°C



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